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Sermon Series: February – March 2018
Our culture tells us constantly to be consumed with ourselves. But the Christian Life is all about being in awe of Him, worshiping your Creator. Find out how a God filled awe will transform your passion, walk with Christ, self-esteem, troubles marriage, finances, etc….

is provided for children from infants to 4 years of age during Sunday School and Sunday Morning Worship Service. Those who work in the nursery are not only committed to provide a safe environment, but also committed to plant seeds of faith that we hope one day will lead to changed hearts and lives. (include pictures nursery with workers)

Children’s Church

Covenant Kidz: A dynamic program for children ages 5-12 with drama, music, Bible memorization and application takes place during the main service. Children are asked to remain with the adults during our worship time, and are dismissed for Children’s Church during the sermon part of the service.

At times, a children’s message is given during our service time for the kids


During Sunday School a program for children age 5-12 is also available.

For an idea of the kind of music we love, please click here.

For Music Lovers: Easter Cantata
Practice each Wednesday, starting the first Wednesday in March 2017 at 5.30 p.m. Cantata will be presented in our Easter Service at CBC as well as the community Good Friday Service of the Farmington Ministerial Alliance

Growth Groups

Check out our “How We Connect” page and our online forums for more information about our growth groups.

Men’s Breakfast

Men meet every other week on Saturday at 8 a.m. at CBC for a breakfast and time of sharing.

Women’s Bible Study

Special Bible Study programs for women typically take place in the Fall and Spring and last between 6 – 10 weeks in partnership with area churches. Check out this week at CBC for current programs


A weekly bible study at the St. Francois Manor and in Ste. Genevieve are some of the ways we are reaching out. Check out this week at CBC for the latest updates on meeting times and/or subjects


Wednesday’s ;prayer meeting at 4 p.m. at CBC .


The following is a set of resources we use for our church,  bible study groups, and also organizations we associate with.


Spiritual Foundations:

Bible Study Resources: